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Open uri20130716 27701 1929gn8 article

Hidden London revealed

Vast, vibrant and diverse, London can be overwhelming. Take a more creative approach to your trip and you'll reap rich rewards.

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Foreign med students get a second chance in ČR

For some, it's the prestige; for others, the desire to help people. Whatever the underlying motivation, thousands each year decide to embark on training to enter the field of medicine in the Czech Republic.

Open uri20130716 27606 1jgf61l article

Going rogue: Guerrilla knitting in Prague

Judging from the graffiti covering its buildings, Prague already has a fair share of would-be street artists. Most arm themselves with aerosol cans - or they did, that is, until the arrival of the Guerilla Knitters.

Open uri20130930 3039 4qsdsa article

Karma-free cuisine: Prague's Vegetarian Dining Scene

There are plenty of great restaurants in Prague offering meat-free fare without an alfalfa sprout in sight.

Open uri20130716 21592 d5s30l article

The puppetmaster

Prague Post

Open uri20130716 27606 1gcoz96 article

Greece's hidden spots: Samos

Samos is an island of contrasts where you can avoid the package holiday herd and discover the real Greece without skimping on luxury.

Open uri20130722 30967 1wnep4u article

When cultural wires get crossed - Careers - Magazine - The Prague Post

What's the right way to pocket a business card in China? Could a difference in communication styles mean what looks like a yes from your foreign counterpart is actually a no? What might be the pitfalls of introducing a democratic management style in a Czech working environment?

Open uri20130722 22707 1yhu6f5 article

Stalin Ate My Homework - Books - Night & Day - The Prague Post

Stalin Ate My Homework tells the tale of the British comic Alexei Sayle's unconventional upbringing. The good news is, unlike many celebrity memoirs, this book is actually quite enjoyable.

Open uri20131004 17548 xr8ini article

Gyula Krúdy's Life Is a Dream - Books - Night & Day - The Prague Post

Apr 6, 2011 ... By Lisette Allen - For the Post | Comments (0) | Post comment ... day's brunching...